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IT offers both opportunities and threats for journalism

David Leigh, former Investigations Editor of the Guardian elaborates on the importance of the media integrity and the threats to media freedom today.

Public is the victim of the corrupted media system

Public is the victim of the corrupted media system

Gordana Igrić, Director of Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) addresses the issues of media integrity in the Balkans. 

Economic dependence influences media integrity

Jadranka Vojvodić, Deputy Director of  the Agency for Electronic Media in Podgorica, Montenegro speaks about the challenges in the work of independent media regulators in the region.

Direct political influence on media

Mihailo Jovović, editor in chief of daily "Vijesti" about demonisation of independent media in Montenegro.

Our stories will be more relevant if published in EU media

Agron Bajrami, editor in chief of Koha Ditore speaks about political and economical control over media in Kosovo.