Representation of Minorities in the New Media

Representation of Minorities in the New Media
The report on the representation of minorities in new media, issued in March 2016, covers four Balkan countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece and Macedonia.
It is based on the findings from the monitoring project that analyzed underlying features of journalistic coverage of minority issues within the most prominent news websites in these four countries.
The report gives comparative insight of professional standards in the new media practices within the period June-July 2015.
The aim of the project was to recognize the increased attention to the subject of minority representation worldwide, including the EU member-states Bulgaria, Croatia and Greece, as well as the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.
The project recognizes the importance of objective reporting and building good media practices in multicultural societies, identifying the need to give access to minorities in the media and to present their voice in the media products.
The report authors assert the importance of media literacy, recognizing the necessity for education of journalists and general public in order to promote diversity, as well as empowering European youth for active citizenship and participation in the society.
Media Development Center (Sofia, Bulgaria), a SEENPM member, prepared the part of research on Bulgaria.
Project leader is Mladiinfo International (F.Y.R. Macedonia), while partner organizations are Mladiinfo Croatia (Croatia), Europe for Diversity, Culture, Co-existence and Citizenship (Greece), and  Media Development Center (Bulgaria).
The project was funded by the Central European Initiative and Europe for Citizens Programme.
Full report available here