Journalistic Education in South East Europe

Journalistic Education in South East Europe
In November 2014, the Media Program South East Europe of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) published country reports of its "Task Force Journalistic Education".
The publication gives an overview over educational institutions as well as the organisation and structure of major journalistic courses. Different paths into the journalistic profession and vocational trainings are mentioned as well. "Conclusions in all countries show that journalistic education has made big steps in the past twenty years, but the situation still isn’t satisfying," said Christian Spahr, head of the Media Program South East Europe of KAS. "To be able to derive specific measures for a better education of journalists, further analysis should be conducted and discussed," he added.
The authors of the articles are the experts from universities and NGOs of the region. The articles enable comparison between the analysed countries. The book was envisaged as a base for further discussion between university experts, students, journalists and politicians concerning the framework conditions and the future development of journalistic education in their countries.