Rare models of investigative journalism to follow and to support

Winners of 2016 EU Award for Investigative Journalism in Albania speak about the challenges of investigative journalism in the country.
Leonard Bakillari, first prize winner, stated that there are very few independent media that allow investigative journalism in Albania, as well as that the financial incentives for journalists are nonexistent, and finally that there is a lack of tradition of investigative journalism. On the other hand, he also points out that there are few encouraging examples in Albania of media trying to became a model of investigative journalism, such as Association of Journalists for Justice and BIRN. Now it is up to journalists to further engage in investigative reporting and up to donors to support such good initiatives, he concludes. 
Ornela Liperi, second prize winner, emphasizes the problem of accessing the data and information, but also lack of focus of media on real economy, on the news from the ground and from business sector, in favour of news produced by politicians and press offices.
Habjon Hasani, winner of the young journalist prize said that courage of editors is of utmost importance in order for reporting to focus on issues such as rule of law and financial matters. Some journalists feel the editorial policy of the media they work for is imposed on them, and others are not financially motivated to follow such stories. 
Three winners also stated that the EU Award is a great encouragement for their further engagement in investigative journalism.